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Family Würfl-Zegg
Votlasstrasse 10
CH-7563 Samnaun Dorf
Phone: +41 (0)81 861 85 00
Fax: +41 (0)81 861 85 01

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Company wording: Country Wellnesshotel Bündnerhof
Legal form: Sole proprietorship
Tax number: 251 721
Legal domicile: CH 7563 Samnaun
Registered office: CH 7563 Samnaun
Professional group: Hotel and catering industry

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Hotel Bündnerhof
Praxmarer advertising agency
TVB Samnaun (Mario Curti, Andrea Badrutt, Daniel Zangerl, Thomas Hablützel, Nadja Simmen, Harald Wisthaler, Andy Mettler, Alex Heis, Dominik Taeuber, Philipp Rathmer, Kristian Schuller, Sandra Ludewig, Kai Marks, Theo Zegg, Swiss Image, Mathieu Bitton, Nina Kuhn, Carsten Göcke)
Hangl Ski and Snowboard School Samnaun

Website realization: Praxmarer advertising agency

The Tyrolean advertising agency Praxmarer in Mils near Imst is a pioneer in the special fields of hotel and business conception, corporate identity, website realization, web marketing, print media and photography.



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