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Summer holidays in Samnaun-Engadin

Start actively into summer

When it's summer in Samnaun the flora and fauna of the valley show their best side. The summer vacation becomes a real pleasure on your tour through nature with all its beauty and glory. You can go on a walking-tour, Nordic Walking tour, go mountain biking or participate in one of our activity programmes.
Or you can explore the great landscape surrounding the Hotel Bündnerhof on a motorcycle tour. You will be amazed by the breathtaking mountain scenery.Enjoy a weekly trip tot he Swiss National Park (when the weather is good) and enjoy special natural highlights.

Hiking paradise



Mountainbike oder motor bike

Bike holidays at the Bündnerhof


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Our location on an altitude of 1.850 meters above sea level is a real mineral spring. Doing sports in this altitude is healthier, therefore a lot of endurance athletes come here to train. The air in this altitude decreases blood pressure, activates metabolism and enriches the red blood cells with oxygen and stimulates its regeneration. That is wellness in nature - that is the reason why our house is named Country Wellness Hotel. Not only inside the house you can sweat in the saune, but you can also enjoy wellness in nature - experience with all senses and watch the impressing flora and fauna. 

While you cannot sleep during the night in the south, due to the heat, that will not happen to you, if you stay in Samnaun- Here you only start to sweat, if you are active. During the day we have around 25 - 30° and during the nights it cools down and you can sleep relaxed at around 12°.
From July onwards there are almost no pollen anymore - the best time for people suffering from allergies to enjoy a holiday in our beautiful high alpine valley.

Enjoy a tript to the Swiss National Park, if the weather is good every week, and experience the pleasure of this special place in nature. 

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