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Motorcycle Holidays Samnaun
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Spend varied bike holidays at our Top 3 Star Bikerhotel Bündnerhof in Samnaun!

Fascination on the motorbike - experiences in the mountains - pass roads at their best - endless winding routes - barbecue evenings - gguided tours - special tours - personal advice - dry room for your gear - motorbike shelter - repair facilities - everything to a biker's heart's content and much more!

Biker fun from spring to autumn!! 
Especially the late summer is the perfect season for a biketour! In the late summer there is already much less traffic on the roads and at this time it is a bit airier and cooler. So the ideal time for motorcycling. The biker paradise in the border triangle Switzerland, Austria and Italy is the ideal starting point for breathtaking and varied tours and offers suitable routes to meet all needs.

Especially autumn is the perfect time for a bike tour!
Get your bike and go on holiday at the Bikerhotel Bündnerhof in Samnaun. Here you will find perfectly tailored tours with varied pass roads and numerous winding routes. Start into an unforgettable biking experience with endless bike tours and a breathtaking landscape! 

Relaxing sleep in our organically appointed rooms and a healthy and balanced breakfast buffet
guarantee the ideal start into an exciting day. 

We organize your individual bike holidays: Please contact us under 0041 81 8618500 or
send a fax under 0041 81 8618520 or send an e-mail

  • Motorradtouren Schweiz Samnaun

    Silvretta High Alpine Road:
    Samnaun-Landeck-St. Anton-Arlbergpass (1.807m)-Langen-Schruns-Bieler Höhe (2.036m)-Ischgl-Landeck-Samnaun

    Lechtal round trip:
    Samnaun-Landeck-St. Anton-Arlbergpass-Flexenpass-Warth-Namlostal (optional)-Hahntennjoch-Imst
    Variante 1: ab Imst-Pitztaler Gletscher-Pillerhöhe-Prutz-Samnaun
    Variante 2: ab Imst-Pillerhöhe-Kaunertaler Gletscher-Prutz-Samnaun

    Bernina round trip:
    Samnaun-Pfunds-Martina-Susch-Zernez-Berninapas-Forcola di Livigno-Livigno-Zernez-Susch-Pfunds-Samnaun-


    Samnaun-Landeck-Imst-Ötz-Längenfeld-Sölden-Rettenbachferner (optional)-Timmelsjoch-St. Leonhard-Meran-Schlanders-Mals-Reschenpass-Nauders-Pfunds-Samnaun

  • Motorradtourentipps von Hotelchef Werner

    Samnaun-Spiss-Kajetansbrücke turn left in the direction Pfunds-Pfunds - Tösens - Prutz-via Landeck tunnel -after tunnel second exit on the right - stay right at next crossing - then turn right-Schönwies - Imsterberg - Imst (stay right) -next exit right in the direction of Reutte, next crossing right to Imst - enter Imst , next crossing right (direction Hahntennjoch), Hahntennjoch, Boden (stay right), Elmen (turn right), Stanzach - turn right in the direction Namlostal, Namlos - Berwang - Bichlbach, turn left in the direction Heiterwang keep right towards Plansee, Plansee turn left towards Ammersattel (GER) Ettal, turn right towards Oberau - Garmisch Partenkirchen Garmisch keep right towards Grainau - Ehrwald (AUT) Ehrwald - Biberwier - Fernpass - Nassereith keep right towards Tarrenz - Imst (don't enter Imst) towards Pitztal first exit of the roundabout to Arzl, Arzl - Wenns at first junction in Wenns turn right towards Piller Kaunerberg turn right towards Kauns, Kauns - Prutz turn left towards Ried - Tösens - Pfunds Samnaun

    Kühtai - Piller:
    Samnaun, Pfunds, Prutz, Landeck, Zams, Schönwies, Imst, Tarrenz, Nassereith, Mieming, Telfs, Zirl, Kematen towards Sellraintal Kühtai, Ötz towards Imst, Imst towards Pitztal Arzl Wenns: turn right at village centre towards Piller, Piller before Kaunerberg turn right towards Kauns, Kauns Prutz Samnaun

    Bieler Höhe-Flexenpass:
    Bieler Höhe - Damüls - Warth - Flexenpass, Samnaun, Spiss, Kajetans bridge access state road - turn left Pfunds, after Pfunds village (100 m after Inn bridge) turn left via Birkack Lafairs - Tösens - Ried - Prutz before Prutz village (vis-à-vis) power station turn left and then on the main road turn right, at light signal straight ahead towards Landeck, Landeck turn left at first junction, turn right at next junction, take the second exit of the roundabout and stay on the state road until you reach Pians, Pians, after a short, straight slope take second driveway to Paznauntal See / Kappl / Ischgl / Galtür Bieler Höhe (road toll) Partennene / Gaschurn / St. Gallenkirch / Schruns Bludenz towards Nüziders, Nüziders Ludesch / Thüringen / Blons / Sonntag Damüls keep right towards Au Au, keep right towards Schoppernau Schoppernau / Hochkrummbach / Warth Warth keep right towards Lech Lech / Zürs / Flexenpass / then turn left towards Arlbergpass St. Christoph / St. Anton / Pettneu / Schnann / Flirsch / Strengen / Pians Landeck take first exit of first roundabout, turn left at next junction, then turn right at following junction Prutz / Ried / Tösens / Pfunds turn right 2 km after Pfunds towards Spiss, Samnaun 

    Border Triangle tour:
    Variant 1:
    Innsbruck - Telfs - Mieminger Plateau - Tarrenz - Imst Hahntennjoch Elmen - Steeg - Warth Hochtannberpass - Schröcken Schoppernau - Wieden - Damüls Faschinajoch Fontanella - Blons St. Gerold - Thüringerberg - Schnifis - Rön - Satteins - Frastanz Feldkirch Tisis - Schaanwald (Grenze) - Nendeln - Schaan - Vaduz -Triesen, Balzers, Luzisteig - Maienefeld - Jenins - Malans - Landquart - Igis - Zizers - Chur Churwalden - Lenzerheide - Lenz/Lantsch - Brienz - Alvaneu Bad Filisur - Bergün Albula Pass La Punt - Zernez - Susch - Martina Samnaun Alternative from Brienz: Brienz Alvaneu Davos Flüela Pass Susch Scuol Martina Samnaun
    Variant 2 (for long-haul and experienced riders):
    Innsbruck, Brenner, Sterzing, Jaufenpass, St. Leonhard, Meran, Lana, Gampenjoch, Fondo - Ponto di Legno, Passo del Tonale Gavia - Passo Bormio Passo di Foscagno - Livigno - Forcolo di Livigno Berninapass Pontresina - Samedan - La Punt Abula Pass Filisur - Alvaneu - Bad Alvaneu - Davos Flüelapass Susch - Scuol - Martina Samnaun 
    By special agreement you can ride both variants and meeting point is La Punt or Susch.

    Hahntennjoch- Fernpass:
    Elmen Stanzach: turn right towards Namlos, Namlos Brand - Berwang, Bichlbach: turn left towards Reutte, Reutte: turn right towards Plansee, Plansee: end of lake turn right towards Griesen, Griesen: turn right towards Ehrwald, Ehrwald Fernpass Imst Wenns Piller Kauns Prutz Samnaun

    Piller Namlos: 
    Samnaun, Spiss, Kajetans bridge turn left on the main road towards Pfunds, Tösens - Ried Prutz light signal keep right, next junction keep left, next junction turn left, towards Kauns, Kauns turn left in the village centre towards Kaunerberg - Piller, next junction (outside of Kauns) turn left towards Piller, Piller - Wenns - Pitztal turn left in the village centre to Arzl, Arzl: ca. 3 km to Arzl roundabout (second exit) to Imst, enter Imst, straight ahead at both roundabouts, next junction turn right towards Fernpass next junction turn left to Imst Imst turn right at first junction to Hahntennjoch, Elmen first junction (state road) turn right Stanzach turn right to Namlos Namlos - Brand - Berwang - Bichlbach, Bichlbach turn right towards Leermoos, Leermoos towards Fernpass Nassereith keep right towards Imst don't enter Imst, stay on the main road and take the first exit to Landeck Mils - Schönwies - Zams Landeck straight ahead, first exit at first roundabout, second exit at second roundabout, next junction keep left, next junction keep right, towards St. Moritz, Reschenpass after Pfunds turn right towards Samnaun

    Samnaun Martina - Zernez - Samedan - Pontersina, Berninapass Poschiavo Tirano - turn right towards Tresena - Sondrio Tresena - turn left towards Apricotpass - Edolo Edolo - Ponte di Legno Passo Tonale Pizzano - Fucine - Mezana - Malé - Magras - Bozzano Reve - Cloz - Brez - Fondo Fondo - turn left towards Gampenpass, Gampenpass Lana - Postal (Burgstall), optionally Marling Reschenpass

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